Before you hire a freelancer, do your research. Understand which websites are best for hiring out the most reliable and skilled freelancers. Ask around to business colleagues and those in your field before choosing a website, as they may already know of a freelancer or two that they’ve worked with in the past. It is word-of-mouth marketing that works for both business professionals and freelancers alike.

You may need a freelancer for a simple design or to help create a new website, such as Reedsy or others, for your company. Either way, you require a particular set of skills to get the job done and have taken the time to ensure that the freelancer you’ve hired is up for the task. In a choice that seems complicated, choose wisely. Do not base your choice on price. Carefully check references, whether they have been rehired by the same client twice, and all relevant past work. You may even choose to run a test article or design for a small price.


Make sure that the freelancer you’ve hired is ready to take direction. During the interview process and beyond, provide guidance about the job at hand. There is always room for miscommunication, especially if you are not specific enough from the start. Answer any questions that the freelancer may have the job description or project details. Provide any materials or documents necessary to get the project done well.

After you’ve spoken openly of what is expected of a freelancer, they will inquire about your timeline. Deadlines are crucial for projects such as that a freelancer is hired for, although there is not always a single deadline. Especially for longer projects, such as ghostwriting for a nonfiction book, there should be a series of due dates to check on the progress of the project. These check-in points are also great opportunities for you as a client to make sure things are going well with your freelancer.


Regardless of how much you trust the experience and past work of the freelancer that you’ve hired, do not pay in full before the work is completed. It is especially true when you are working on a project with a set price, as opposed to a per-word or per-hour engagement. Milestones are essential in this way, as you may choose to pay per milestone.

When you hire a freelancer, there are several things to consider. However, do not feel overwhelmed. Take each step as it comes to truly make sure that you not only hire the best person but create the best work for your company.

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